Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Klonghae Floating Market

Klonghae Floating Market. The market is situated in Tambon Klonghae in Hat Yai District. The floating market is open from Friday to Sunday (3pm to 9pm).


Leif Hagen said...

Great photos! I'd love to visit that night market! A big twist on what our local farmers market looks like!

Hilda said...

How interesting to do one's marketing beside a river! I hope they don't throw their trash in the river though (that's a real problem here in Manila).

I love the smiling faces of the women in your first photo! Beautiful. And their aprons are so colorful too. Very nice of them to pose for you.

arabesque said...

one of my faves when i do get a chance to visit thai... go to floating market! must see! ^0^
i heard though that the water smells a little? is it true? ^-^
anyhow, i still want to experience it.
the 1st photo was so candid!
the 2nd...capturing the moment!
and 3rd....like the shot of peeps eatin on the left side...what a night!

Chin said...

Yes,there are little smells of canal in BKK or big city in Thailand but in countryside it's still good smells.