Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cat lsland and Rat Island

Songkhla or Singgora in Malay, was a city of an old Malay Kingdom of Langkasuka with heavy Srivijayan influence. It has been under Thai suzerainty since the 18th century.
Previously a port and a coastal trading post where Indian, Persian and Arabian merchants came to exchange their products, this place was initially named "Sing Lha" after the 2 lion-shape islands at the mouth of the city's lake. Currently, these 2 islands are known to us as Ko Nu (Rat Island) and Ko Maeo (Cat Island). (

There are legend of this island >> to be continue ;)


Paulo Camacho said...

This must be a paradise. I like your photos and blog too.
I will follow your blog.
If you have time you can visit my photo blog
Paulo Camacho

James said...

Great phot Chin. This is such a beautiful place and I like the names of the islands.

I want to here about the legend. :)

Rob said...

Great looking place! I don't speak thai, but I found it quite funny that the name of the cat island looks in his written form like miaou!